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Welcome to The General's Store

About us.

  The General's Store was founded in 2014 as a 'pop-up' venture in Hackney's Netil Market. Offering top quality haircuts and a friendly service we quickly outgrew our first store and decided to invest in another container four times its size. In 2015, the store featured on the BBC show Peter Yorks hipster handbook and also aired on the show 'Gogglebox'. 
  In 2016, in need of a bigger space, we relocated to within the railway arches at Fieldworks. We began to incorporate other aspects to our store at this point. By introducing our own product line in 2017, we began to move away from your everyday barbershop. We wanted to maintain the 'pop up' feel from our past but begin to incorporate more of a lifestyle experience.  
 In mid 2019, it was becoming clear we needed a bigger space yet again. Located just 100 yards away, our new location on Martello street has been our biggest undertaking yet. Our core foundations still remain and always will. 
At The General's Store you'll benefit from outstanding yet friendly surroundings, great haircuts and beard services. Our own range of products allows us to offer you amazing salon quality at an affordable price. Just a few of the reasons why we were voted as East Londons best barbershop by 'The Culture Trip'. 
 Here at The General's Store we see you the customer and your stylist differently. We understand the importance of your relationship with your chosen professional and have created a environment  for this to blossom. Each of our highly trained and talented staff run things the way they think best represents them thus providing you with a unique and personal service every time.  
 At The General's Store you always get your haircut by the boss.

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