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Voted Number 1 "best men's grooming spots in Hackney and Shoreditch" by Culture Trip

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About Us

  The General's Store was founded in 2014 as a 'pop-up' venture in East London's Netil Market. Using custom built shipping containers we were able to lay the foundations for an exciting new journey. Offering top quality haircuts and a friendly service we quickly outgrew our first store and decided to invest in another four times its size. We added a fully stocked bar with our very own home brew on tap along with locally sourced spirits and produce all made in East London. Our business grew organically and we would soon outgrow this store as well. In 2015, the store featured on the BBC show Peter Yorks hipster handbook and also aired on the show 'Gogglebox'. 


  In 2016, in need of a bigger space, we relocated to within the railway arches at Fieldworks. We began to incorporate other aspects to our store at this point. By introducing our own product line in 2017, we began to move away from your everyday barbershop. We wanted to maintain the 'pop up' feel from our past but begin to incorporate more of a lifestyle experience.  


 In mid 2019, it was becoming clear we needed a bigger space yet again. Located just 100 yards away, our new location on Martello street has been our biggest undertaking yet. We moved in October 2019 and once again we've adapted and designed the shop ourselves.  Our core foundations still remain and always will. 


At The General's Store you'll benefit from outstanding yet friendly surroundings, great haircuts and beard services as well as complimentary local beers and free use of our arcade machine. Our own range of products allows us to offer you amazing salon quality at an affordable price. Just a few of the reasons why we were voted as East Londons best barbershop by 'The Culture Trip'. 


 Here at The General's Store we see you the customer and your stylist differently. We understand the importance of your relationship with your chosen professional and have created a environment  for this to blossom. Each of our highly trained and talented staff run things the way they think best represents them thus providing you with a unique and personal service every time.  


 At The General's Store you always get your haircut by the boss.

Meet The Team


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paul grice

Paul has accumulated over 18 years experience in the industry with such companies as Vidal Sassoon, West Row Hair and Prema. He has worked in some of the worlds biggest and most inspiring cities. After Spending 3 years in New York Paul returned to London in 2015 to cement a vision of which Lee and him share. That vision to bring together the best people of all sectors of the business into one space to deliver the best possible service to the client. Highly skilled in all aspects of the industry, Paul is a hair service all-rounder and all-round nice guy. He looks forward to the future at The General's Store.

07724 053052
Tom fuller

Tom's career spans across both hairdressing and barbering. Starting in 2005 Tom began his career working for a Paul Mitchell salon in Sussex. He gained his barbering experience working for GQ award winning salon Male Concept. The owner and pioneer of modern barbering Jason Holland still remains a great friend and has been a huge influence on his career. Living and working in London now for 10 years Tom has been associated with Londons top barber shops. Tom joined The General's team in 2016 teaming up with his good friends Lee and Paul. Over the years Tom has acquired a depth of knowledge in cutting, styling and product development. 

07894 444179
lee wells

With over 16 years experience and Oscar winning clientele to his portfolio founder Lee is now cutting in his first barbershop project.  A regular on Men's Fashion Week with a full catalogue of editorial achievements he has travelled and worked across the globe. He is a specialist in men's barbering and worked with the most highly rated and respected barbershops in town. Upon leaving Murdocks three years ago he now loves the salons old school at The General's Store in Hackney East London. A keen eye for detail...he is perhaps a little OCD

07724 053052

Price List

Wash, cut and style
30 mins
Haircut and Beard Trim
Wash, cut and style plus beard trim
45 mins
Beard Trim
Shorten, shape and style
15 mins


We launched our own product line in early 2017. Our aim was to produce a range of high quality products at an affordable price. We spent a few months testing and researching with different products and various packaging types. As professionals we used our experience in styling and finishing to create four products that cover all the bases. Our products are currently only available in store. 
Matt Mudd
Pliable clay with medium
hold and no shine
Hair Doh
Pliable putty with medium hold and shine
Beard Oil
Sandalwood oil that moisturises, nourishes and freshens 
Salt Spray
Encourages texture and volume




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